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The Power that Made the Body Heals the Body

Digital X-Ray

When it comes to basic body function/physiology there is one body system that is recognized as the "Master Control" system. It controls and coordinates ALL body function and is even the final determining factor between life and death. What is it you may ask?

This "Master Control" system is your Nervous system. The Brain is the central control center of your body it's the computer processor, the Battery that drives your body.

Fortunately for us, the brain is protected by and located in the skull, sometimes known as the thickest 1/4 inch in the world. Your spinal cord, the conduit or initial connection from the brain to the body, travels down through your spinal canal inside your spinal column. This brings Life, Vitality, Energy, Youth, and Function to all other body systems and tissues.

Continually protecting this Vital system is the Biggest Key to Life.

In future Blogs, we'll address how to protect and achieve the maximal function of this Life giving system.

Until then...Yours in Optimal Health & Healing,

Dr. B.

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