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We Help With Car Accident Injuries

What Are the Common Injuries That a Georgetown Car Accident Chiropractor Treats?

Along with the rest of his Georgetown chiropractic support team, Dr. Bastecki understands the common signs of injuries sustained during the impact of an auto collision. If you are trying to determine whether you need a Georgetown Chiropractor after a recent auto accident, think about a few of the following common injuries you may identify:

  • Neck Injuries. You may experience various symptoms, including a decreased range of motion, a nearly immobilizing crick, debilitating pain, trouble walking, and even weakness in your arms and legs.

  • Back and Spinal Injuries. Patients often experience a muscle strain in their lower back after an auto accident, but there are other potential issues at stake. Symptoms of back and spinal injuries include stiffness, soreness, decreased mobility, and inability to function normally.

  • Whiplash Injuries. Symptoms of whiplash may look similar to those of neck and back injuries, but whiplash takes everything to another painful and distressing level. Monitor yourself for neck pain, dizziness, inflammation, arm pain, numbness or tingling, stiffness, reduced concentration and clear thought, TMJ or jaw pain, depression, spinal and disc issues, and lower back pain and stiffness. 

Our Chiropractor in Georgetown Has a Recovery Plan Ready for You

You may worry that recovery will take a long time, but Dr. Bastecki, along with the rest of our Georgetown chiropractic team is ready to find a treatment plan to speed up your recovery process so you can resume your active and busy lifestyle as soon as possible. Your Georgetown Chiropractor will assess your specific situation and develop a treatment plan to suit your injury, your body, and your overall goals and needs.


Learn More about Auto Accident Injury Treatments from Our Georgetown Car Accident Chiropractor

Dr. Bastecki, or Dr. B as many call him, along with the rest of our dedicated chiropractic team will also monitor your body—via X-rays and examinations—for potential spinal fractures, Spondylolisithesis, and disc herniation. Whether you want to call us right away for an examination and spinal evaluation, or you prefer to talk to your primary care doctor first, we are here and ready to diagnose your auto accident injury and start treatment.

Have you been injured in a car accident?


If yes, you need to be seen by our Georgetown car accident chiropractor, Dr. Bastecki.


Every day thousands of people are injured from auto accidents, ranging from small fender benders to very severe auto accidents, causing whiplash and dislocation as well as neck, back and shoulder misalignment.

While many difficulties of pain, swelling and loss of function caused by injuries can be eased with rest and medication, there are many that can be helped with natural solutions that restore the alignment of the body back to its natural frame to alleviate the pain and inflammation caused by an injury.

Chiropractic spinal manipulation and adjustment helps return the spine and neck vertebrae back into is proper order to reduce inflammation and pain cause by the effects of an auto accident as well as decrease the recovery time of the patient.  Returning the vertebrae, discs and spinal column back to its original alignment reduces the strain put on other muscles, tendons and ligaments that often overcompensate for the injury.

A chiropractic adjustment helps increase proper blood circulation to the injured area, encourages range of motion and flexibility and alleviates pain to speed the recovery time that will allow a patient to return to normal activity.

Our auto accident chiropractor in Georgetown, Dr. Anthony V. Bastecki, understands whatever you are facing, using his knowledge and background to help patients find relieve from various issues, including auto accident injuries, since 1990.

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