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Meet Our Lexington Chiropractor

Lexington chiropractor

Kentucky's Only CBP Trained Doctor of Chiropractic

Learn about Dr. Anthony Bastecki's research on Cervical Kyphosis and the possible link to ADHD.

Dr. Anthony V. Bastecki, BS, DC, CCSP®

Dr. Anthony V. Bastecki has been helping people live their lives to their Fullest Potential by Coaching on Healthy Lifestyle Choices & Nutrition since 1990.  He utilizes the Latest State-of-the Art Technologies integrating Spinal and Postural Regenerative Care which helps Families live pain free and helps Athletes Prevent injury and Perform at their PEAK Level.


As a Chiropractor with over 30 years experience he has seen many trends & fads in Health Care come and go. Through this all, he has fundamentally stayed committed to promoting Health and Maximize living in our modern day world without the use of NEEDLESS Drug or NEEDLESS Surgery.  He's become Lexington's Go To NATURAL Care Approach Leader.

Over the years thousands have been helped and thank can be next.

As a 1986 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, Dr. Anthony Bastecki uses a variety of manual chiropractic techniques, as well as instrument protocols and soft tissue techniques to provide excellent results for individuals in Lexington, KY and Beyond.


He is the only Advanced Certified Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) doctor in Kentucky. 

He is also Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner (CCSP®).


Dr. B., as he is commonly known, has a passion and commitment to reaching out to his patients and community with many avenues of Health Education.  He holds a "Regain Your Youth & Vitality" Workshop Tuesday nights at 6:00.  He also has a variety of Advanced Workshops on topics like Stress, Headaches-an Pain in the Neck, Core Strengthening, Raise a Healthy Child, Stay Fit while You Sit, Turn on Your YOUTH Gene, to name a few.  Dr. B. has been heard on ESPN Sports Radio 1300am during the Sports Huddle as he gave some Healthful Tips and Hints during the "For the Health of it" segment.  Dr. B. has been spreading the good word of a Healthy Lifestyle during this radio show for over 15 years.  


Another Passion clinically for Dr. B. is to help athletes achieve Peak Performance.  He has helped many do so from the weekend warriors, middle schoolers thru Division 1 college, professionals, Super Bowl Champions and Olympic medalist. With technological advances such as "Power Plate" and "Acceleration Training" methodology to FDA Cleared Erchonia "Cold Laser" Low Level Light Therapy, patient outcomes and results continue to increase and expand.

Dr. B has on site at his Wellness Center, DR Digital X-ray with PostureRay computerized Bio-mechanical analysis software and PostureScreen for Postural Bio-mechanics analysis.  These technologies have helped to identify problems and injuries that have all too often in the past been over looked and as a result left untreated by others.  What a saving grace for identifying and treating sports and auto crash injuries.  It's just another Advantage available for you at A. Bastecki Chiropractic & Wellness Center.

With the increased Cultural Consciousness on Concussion, Dr. B has FDA cleared Baseline Testing available for athletes 10 years old and above, as well as some of the most unique care protocols available.

Nutritional support, Weight Loss systems and Performance nutrition are also available for those who are concerned about how and with what they fuel their body.

These Passions of Dr. Bastecki and advanced technologies have truly positioned him as the “Go To Natural Care Provider” in the Lexington area.  He looks forward to doing all he can to Help you too. 

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