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Laser Therapy in Lexington, KY

Back pain specialist Tempe Arizona

Dr. James Garrett

The MAGIC of Laser Therapy

Our office offers the Erchonia laser – an FDA-approved low level laser that combats both chronic and acute pain using the power of light.

In contrast to the high-power, high-heat lasers that are used in various surgical procedures, Erchonia lasers produce a low-level, or cold, output that has no thermal effect on the body's tissue. Instead, the laser serves to stimulate biological function similar to photosynthesis in plants.

The Erchonia laser is non-invasive, painless and speeds the recovery process by encouraging cell regeneration. Treatment with the laser also improves range of motion and decreases inflammation and pain, thus reducing the need for medication.


Dr. Bastecki­­­ comments, "We know our patients will benefit from this exciting technology. Treating chronic pain noninvasively with low level lasers instead of prescription drugs or surgery is the future of healthcare.”

Erchonia Corporation, the global leader in low level laser healthcare applications was the first to receive FDA market clearance for the treatment of chronic pain, proven through two double blind IRB studies.

How the Erchonia Low Level Laser Helps Treat Neck and Shoulder Pain

How the Erchonia Low Level Laser Helps Treat Low Back Pain

How the Erchonia Low Level Laser Helps Treat Foot Pain

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