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The Benefits of Digital X-Rays and PostureRay Technology at A. Bastecki Chiropractic

Digital X-Ray

Every patient has different needs. At A. Bastecki Chiropractic, your chiropractor in Lexington, KY, we understands just that. That’s why we insist on using digital x-rays before any chiropractic treatment begins.

We also use PostureRay, a similar diagnostic technology. Here are the benefits of both.

Digital X-Ray Benefits

There are many benefits to our chiropractors using digital x-rays for diagnostic purposes. These include:

  • Understanding the injury and its symptoms to prescribe the right form of chiropractic care.

  • Detecting signs of older trauma.

  • Full, clear picture of spinal health, including any odd curvature, misalignments, and protruding vertebrae.

  • Ability to detect whether it’s chronic pain or a case of arthritis, cancer, anatomical abnormality, bone disease, or fracture.

What Is PostureRay?

As mentioned, PostureRay is like an x-ray, but not quite. This technology focuses exclusively on detecting the quality of spinal health. Whether a patient has a ligamentous injury, scoliosis, or other spinal conditions, the chiropractor can make a diagnosis using PostureRay.

PostureRay Benefits

PostureRay also presents its own set of benefits. These include:

  • Running on a variety of computer operating systems, including Windows.

  • Displaying x-ray images in jpeg or PDF formats.

  • Reporting of findings included for more detailed diagnoses.

  • Clear images of the spine, including abnormalities, misalignments, and other injuries.

Contact A. Bastecki Chiropractic, Your Chiropractor in Lexington, KY

Do you need chiropractic care? Contact us at A. Bastecki Chiropractic, your chiropractor in Lexington, KY. We use x-rays or PostureRay with every new patient we see and allows us to get accurate diagnoses. Afterwards we can then sit down and discuss the best treatment plan that will work for your needs.

We’re led by licensed chiropractor Dr. Anthony V. Bastecki, who has worked in the chiropractic care industry for nearly 30 years. Having studied at the University of Pittsburgh and the Palmer College of Chiropractic, Dr. Bastecki is also a member of the Kentucky Association of Chiropractors and the International Chiropractors Association.

Our other services are nutritional counseling and weight management, auto accident injury treatment, and whiplash treatment. To learn more or schedule an appointment today, please call 859-266-2223 or visit us on 4750 Hartland Parkway #200.

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